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About Film in a Card

Let us introduce something really special…

This is, film in a card…

More than just a card. We are more than just a creative agency.


Just pop it in the post, and all your and everybody who touches it sees your video!

It is the ideal way to convey lots of information easily in a manner that ensures your message gets understood and passed around!

Our  aim is to be the No.1 choice for businesses that want to deliver highly impacting and effective marketing campaigns that get their message in front of key customers in an extremely engaging and memorable way, be that B2C direct mail, or B2B direct mail. Our success has been founded on our firm commitment to delivering the highest quality video brochure products and providing customers and clients with the very best level of service.


Each brochure can be specified to your requirements, to reinforce your brand and deliver maximum impact on your clients!

    • High definition playback
    • Amazing image clarity
    • High impact on clients


    • 5 inch screen
    • 7 inch screen
    • custom sizes available


    • Two hours of usage per charge as standard
    • Optional battery upgrade
    • Charge over standard 5v USB


    • Up to 4 Gb storage
    • Drag an drop files to update
    • Standard USB connection port


    • up to 6 buttons
    • volume control
    • video selection
    • play/pause


    • A5 landscape
    • A5 portrait
    • Gloss, matte finish and hardback available


Step right out in front of the competition

An innovative marketing tool that combines the power of high-resolution video with the precision of direct mail, and deliver highly impactful and effective marketing campaigns that get your message in front of key customers in an extremely engaging and memorable way.

Video massively outperforms traditional print media by increasing the reach of marketing campaigns and can boost your direct mail response rate by as much as 45%.

They can be used for product launches, event invitations, business cards, to tell your story, or simply to provide useful information about your company and services. The only real limitation is your imagination.


The Viral Effect

A key benefit of Film in a card is that its originality and wow factor will encourage the recipient to show their Film in a card to colleagues and friends alike, increasing the reach of your campaign and with response rates as high as 45%. Video brochures can massively outperform traditional print media and delivers excellent ROI. Film in a card has quickly caught the imagination of large global businesses, including Xerox, VeriSign, Hitachi Data Systems and the QE2 

Not as expensive as you think…


So why not get in touch with our team and take your next video even further with film in a card.